The Japanese “Nippon Yusoki Company”, or Nichiyu (formerly NYK), have always been at the cutting edge of technology in the electric forklift market.

Having developed the first electric forklift in Japan in 1939, Nichiyu went on to produce the first reach truck in 1958. 1971 saw the introduction of the world’s first Automatic Guided Forklift Truck, and in 1993 the first multi-directional reach truck.

By 2001, Nichiyu had made a huge breakthrough by developing the first counterbalance electric forklift that could operate in the rain.

For the first time, a real opportunity existed to take on conventional internal combustion forklifts directly. The Nichiyu counterbalance forklift can operate in any conditions, with savings in total cost of ownership of up to 10% against diesel forklifts, and a staggering 25% against conventional LPG forklifts!

The only barrier to entry remained the fear of high battery replacement costs. As a result, A Square Forklift developed a unique 60 month battery guarantee.

With the convergence of these various developments, we are now able to offer a solution that can perform on par with internal combustion forklifts, whilst boasting a lower cost of ownership, longer life and reduced carbon footprint.