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With an infinite range of products available and different requirements in relation to their storage conditions as well as high growth rates and extreme cost pressure on the part of the buyers, suppliers of intralogistics solutions are confronted with a number of different challenges. We show you how you can flexibly organize your storage space to meet the many different requirement profiles among your customers.


Do you expect your storage space to be optimally utilized?

The footprint needed can be reduced by up to 85 percent, due to the highly dense storage concept in our
systems, allowing us to create sufficient space for accommodating your inventory.



Is efficient order picking top priority at your company?

The fully automatic systems on our carousel and lift storage systems can smoothly pick even large-volume orders in next to no time.


Assistance from pick-by-light and other systems is also no problem with our units! Orders are picked with high speed and precision thanks to its cleverly devised control concept.


Do you require a flexible system for storing goods of various sizes and qualities?

The modular design of our dynamic retrieval systems means that they can easily be adapted to cope with new demands within the company. The trays and carriers can be reconfigured at any time to maximize product density.

Would you like to minimize the time spent by employees moving around the warehouse and assembly area?

By organizing our machines in line with the goods-to-person principle, the necessary items are conveyed directly to the employees in the warehouse and the assembly areas, saving you time that would have been spent moving around. At the same time ergonomics is also improved for employees.

Do you store items which are especially worthy of protection?

Our access-controlled storage system guarantees safe handling and storage of valuable goods, providing optimal protection from unauthorized access and external influences such as dust and dirt.

Are you looking for efficient and flexible warehouse management?

With warehouse management software precisely adapted to your units you can control storage and order picking tasks more efficiently. It helps you to minimize processing times of individual orders, and enables you to offer your customers faster delivery times as well as saving money.

The WMS software is directly integrated into your ERP system. We can cite a range of reference projects in which our software has been integrated into Axapta, Magento, Navision, Movex, SAP, Jeeves, Apport, Consafe, Dracar, and Autovision, among others.


Combination of measures

Since the design of our retrieval systems is modular, it goes without saying that it is easy to combine the solutions presented here.


The advantages at a glance:


  • Less space needed: The footprint needed can be reduced by up to 75 percent, and sometimes even as much as 90 percent, due to the highly dense storage concept. This makes it possible to store the same amount of goods on a footprint just ten to 25 percent of the original size.


  • Access protection: Goods are stored in an enclosed system with access rights for selected users.


  • Modular design: The units can be integrated into any existing logistics system and are suitable for use as an efficient buffer storage solution in the area of production.


  • Improved inventory management: The Power Pick Global warehouse management software makes it possible to permanently monitor stock levels in real time via its direct connection to the ERP system.
  • Controlled climate by regulating the humidity and temperature of locations where critical components are stored.
  • Dust-free storage in clean room conditions.


Is an investment in storage logistics solutions from Kardex Remstar worthwhile for your business?

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss this matter with you. Upon request, we can give you a free, no-obligation assessment of the options available to help you further optimize your storage logistics operation and save space, time, and money.

The Combilift

In the last 18 years Combilift has grown to become the acknowledged global leader in the long-load handling market.

More than 28,000 units have been sold and Combilift products can be found in over 75 countries.


The company's growth is supported by an international network of distributors in ever expanding markets around the world.

Combilift has been awarded an ISO 9001.



Solution Selling supplies materials handling solutions across a number of products, from a full range materials handling equipment , to the world class Kardex Remstar Storage System,  Industrial Batteries, Battery Bay set up , Charlatte Tow Tractors and South African representative for Combilift,  Solution 4u have the solution to your handling requirement.
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